Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just some mixed thoughts

Ideas I have been working with.

Well, as far as I am concerned thinking is not being. Just because I think does not make it clear That I am.I know that I am not my thoughts because they are often wrong or seem to come from some strange place and want something.

I feel the answer is in the silence.. The time in between thoughts where beingness occurs. Its the silence in between the notes of music that make a song truly possible. I feel for me that beingness only happens in my time of mental silence. When my thoughts are not driving my actions to Analise a situation or perceived problem is when I feel most alive.

I have found that staying out of my mind has brought me much peace. And has opened much space for just being.And just being is all I have ever wanted anyway.

But of course if I don't practice silence I find myself drawn back into my thoughts and separated from reality. And reality is what I want to be apart of most.

Good luck with your practice!!

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