Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a usefull technique for maintaining personal power

I find that I can be knocked off center easily buy unexpected circumstances. And peoples feelings can have an enormous affect on my mood. After deep searching I have discovered a way to lesson this affect.

When confronted by an annoying event a persons natural response are 3. Either attack defend or withdraw. And this I have participated in many times and have grown tired of losing my personal power to persons or events.

Now when triggered I imagine that my body light like gas, or pours like a screen. And I imagine that whatever energy is impacting my body travels right through. Provoking no response on my part. This way I can preserve my personal power and not react out of the 3 false responses.

If I chose to take an action it is not a reaction. My action will be on purpose,responsible,and intentional from my own source of personal power. Or I may choose to totally ignore the person or situation as it passes right through me. because it has caused me no affect and ceased to prompt me to action.

I find this technique very help full in keeping myself grounded, preserving my own power, and not allowing myself to be taken on the whims of things.

If it works.........Use it

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