Saturday, April 10, 2010

In tune with the universe

I got in touch with a friend the other day who I had lost contact with.It was 5 years since we had spoken and he was struggling to find himself when we last interacted.

He was very happy to hear from me. I asked how his life was going. "Great" he replayed. "I am in love with a wonderful woman, my career has taken off, and I am recording music like I have always wanted".

I said" holy crap Phill, everything you always wanted,I am happy for you"

He replayed...."I am in tune with the universe"

I AM IN TUNE WITH THE UNIVERSE........For me that statement was a moment of a satori..or a para dime shift.

I have known,felt and understood that everything was vibration. All form is just vibrating energy. The empty space in stone is exactly the same as the empty space in air. Its the vibration rate that makes the substance differnt.

In lat-ton the word universe means one song..see it?? uni,, like unicycle ,,bike with one wheel,,,and verse like the verse in a song.

The universe is a song, we are an instrument, enlightenment is the tuning of this instrument so we can be in tune with the symphony in which we play.

Out of tune we conflict the symphony, in tune we are one with the harmony.

If things dont flow well we need to tune our instrument.

A great master once told me " Everything is harmonics"

Today I understand

Sunday, March 28, 2010

continue on your path, I love this technique

I haven't posted in quite a while. But it doesn't mean I haven't been working towards my vision.

many times I am confronted with situations that try my mind. And many times I try to think through them. When really what is needed is to accept things as they are.

I find that when I am out of sorts is when I am being tested. And the only real way to pass the test is to learn the lesson or unlearn the lesson so to speak.

The first phase I use is resting as awareness. This calms everything down and takes me out of my mind. To rest as awareness is like being the observer plus another step removed. You become just the awareness that you already are. Not thinking, not existing as a thought form, not labeling,not judging,not gauging,not contemplating.

While resting as awareness you perceive everything around you. But it is not a verb,you do nothing,It is a non doing exercise. You rest as your pure self in awareness. See everything, hear all, smell smells, the works.

But with out analyzing your thoughts,let them pass right through you, unheard while your resting in pure awareness.

Its very peaceful in awareness and a good place to rest. Give it a try when things seem to be going to fast. It has worked wonders for me.

remember your essence is pure awareness!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a usefull technique for maintaining personal power

I find that I can be knocked off center easily buy unexpected circumstances. And peoples feelings can have an enormous affect on my mood. After deep searching I have discovered a way to lesson this affect.

When confronted by an annoying event a persons natural response are 3. Either attack defend or withdraw. And this I have participated in many times and have grown tired of losing my personal power to persons or events.

Now when triggered I imagine that my body light like gas, or pours like a screen. And I imagine that whatever energy is impacting my body travels right through. Provoking no response on my part. This way I can preserve my personal power and not react out of the 3 false responses.

If I chose to take an action it is not a reaction. My action will be on purpose,responsible,and intentional from my own source of personal power. Or I may choose to totally ignore the person or situation as it passes right through me. because it has caused me no affect and ceased to prompt me to action.

I find this technique very help full in keeping myself grounded, preserving my own power, and not allowing myself to be taken on the whims of things.

If it works.........Use it

Just some mixed thoughts

Ideas I have been working with.

Well, as far as I am concerned thinking is not being. Just because I think does not make it clear That I am.I know that I am not my thoughts because they are often wrong or seem to come from some strange place and want something.

I feel the answer is in the silence.. The time in between thoughts where beingness occurs. Its the silence in between the notes of music that make a song truly possible. I feel for me that beingness only happens in my time of mental silence. When my thoughts are not driving my actions to Analise a situation or perceived problem is when I feel most alive.

I have found that staying out of my mind has brought me much peace. And has opened much space for just being.And just being is all I have ever wanted anyway.

But of course if I don't practice silence I find myself drawn back into my thoughts and separated from reality. And reality is what I want to be apart of most.

Good luck with your practice!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Less is more

This idea is key to understanding enlightenment. Enlightenment is achieved by getting rid of things, forgetting false thought forms, Not by learning more things.

Less is more like this. Often in our lives we bring something into our lives that we feel will serve us. But later we find ourselves serving it. Like the pool we have to clean, the car we have to fix, the house we have to repair and insure.

It is a known fact that the more things we have, the more things have us.

less is more because the more things(this includes ideas)you have. The more things you have to lose.

If you don't have a title at work, you can't lose your place. The enlightened one stays ahead by being behind. Because when you are behind no one competes with you.

If everyone on earth were to live simply, everyone on earth could simply live.

In conclusion, If you have very little, your potential is very great. because you have much open space for new things. The more you have, the more you are tied in position. You are less flexible, and have no empty space to be filled.

I am not saying to be a homeless bum. I am just asking you to question what is really necessary in your life. And discard all things you find that do not serve you. in This way you will have more open spaces for opportunity to flow into your life.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You only have to ask 1 question

Well, we have taken 2 steps so far. Lets take a breather and ask ourselves a question. The answer to this question will determine the course of your entire life.

Is the universe hostile or friendly???

Does it want you to live and prosper, Is it the nature of the universe to nurture you?
Does it want you dead , or maybe at least struggle. And the only reason you are alive is because by accident you have survived so far.

If you feel the world is hostile, Your whole life will be an act of survival in the face of adverse conditions.

If you feel the universe is friendly. Than you feel nurtured and safe. And you can accept your right to claim the abundant life that is given to you.

Ponder this......................................

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mindfullness and the illsion of time

This is the concept of present moment awareness. To be mindfull is to be present in the moment which is here now. This must be the second step for the student of enlightenment.

Consider this...The past does not exist...The only thing that exists of the past are your personal memories,your personal perspective of a past event or situation. The past is gone and does not exist. The future is just a dream, or desire, or a hope or even possible dread. But still does not exist.

Watch your mind like you watch children at play. See how it moves from past to future like it is playing a game. All the while robbing you of the only real moment of time that truly exists. How often do you find your self reliving the past? How this person did you wrong, how things should have been, or reliving that perfect evening long ago that you might believe could never come about again.

Or fearing the future, What will happen at work today,is the government going to collapse,what if I go broke,,,or How awesome will my vacation be, I can't wait, this weekend will be so fun, I can't wait for my hot date.

But still all the while you are being robbed of your present moment because you are not there. You are in the past or in the future which does not exist.

See the present moment in a different way. You are not moving through space and time, it is moving through you. You appear to move but everywhere you go there you are. The present moment is like a movie where the scene is always changing.

problems and regrets cannot arise if you are here now, fear of the future or unbridled desire have no impact on you if you are here now. And here now is the only place where life can be lived.

When you talk to some one, talk to them. When you do your work, do your work. When you play , just play. Be mindfull of what you are doing, be there, all of you. Being mindfull is concentrating on what you are doing or not doing. When you do nothing just be with your self and enjoy your beingness.

practice training your mind to be in the here and now. when it wonders call it back. If you miss this moment it will be gone for ever. the past or the future cannot affect you if you are here now.

Look at it this way, if your mind is not here now, it is no where. Its up to you to cultivate present moment awareness within your self. And believe me it is well worth the effort. Practice being in and with the moment and you will actually feel like you are living your life.

To me this is the second step toward being a consciously aware person. Imagine being in the present moment where you accept things as they are and refuse to judge. You might like it so much you would want to stay for a while.

Practice monitering your labeling and judging thoughts. Practice complete mindfullness. Keep your mind full with what is going on right than and there. And you will go far..

Step 2 in the journey of a 1,000 miles ( wow, You have just taken a complete stride)