Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Less is more

This idea is key to understanding enlightenment. Enlightenment is achieved by getting rid of things, forgetting false thought forms, Not by learning more things.

Less is more like this. Often in our lives we bring something into our lives that we feel will serve us. But later we find ourselves serving it. Like the pool we have to clean, the car we have to fix, the house we have to repair and insure.

It is a known fact that the more things we have, the more things have us.

less is more because the more things(this includes ideas)you have. The more things you have to lose.

If you don't have a title at work, you can't lose your place. The enlightened one stays ahead by being behind. Because when you are behind no one competes with you.

If everyone on earth were to live simply, everyone on earth could simply live.

In conclusion, If you have very little, your potential is very great. because you have much open space for new things. The more you have, the more you are tied in position. You are less flexible, and have no empty space to be filled.

I am not saying to be a homeless bum. I am just asking you to question what is really necessary in your life. And discard all things you find that do not serve you. in This way you will have more open spaces for opportunity to flow into your life.


  1. I agree with you - I've been feeling this way for some time now. I especially don't like to have lots of large physical possessions, like big pieces of furniture, but this is partly because I live in an apartment and I know I'll have to move all that stuff again. But it's also because I am saving the money to do things that matter a lot more to me instead of just buying more stuff.

    One area where I think 'MORE is more' is the realm of human cooperation, especially economic cooperation. The more people working together, the more knowledge we have, and the better the division/specialization of labor. However, I still believe in people living simply and focusing on what's most important.

  2. Thanks eagledove, More cooperation would be better. Maybe we could say, less resistance toward cooperation would go along way. To me cooperation is like synergie , where 1+3=7. the would would do very well with a good dose cooperation and unity,,,


  3. whoops,,,I ment to say world