Monday, March 2, 2009

Begining the foundation of Enlightenment

In all that is, nothing is good or bad, nothing is right or wrong. Or should I state it like no-thing. All things just are. This is the nature of duality. Everything has its opposite. Hot/cold up/down near/far love/hate male/female hard/soft I could go on for ever. One side exists to support and create the other. The Enlightened person sees the totality of things and does not judge them. Does not label them, because they just are.

The river flows, the tree grows, the mean person is mean, and they just are. Not good, not bad. To place labels on things, and than to believe these labels that you have created. Would be self deception and lead the opposite direction form Enlightenment.

I call this the first step, the foundation. It seems obvious, but many have never considered it. If you must judge something be carefull of your thoughts and the way you construct them. Instead of saying to your self, this is good, or that's wrong, or he/she is ugly. Say, from my perspective this is good, as far as I am concerned that's wrong, the way I see it is he/she is ugly.

At least you will understand that you are the labeler , and that it is only your label. A truely Enlightened being can not separate the the dance from the dancer, The taste from that which is being tasted, The object seen from the see-er , the listener from the sound.

Practice non-labeling and non-judgement and accept things as they are and let them just be. Experience things as nutral and see where this leads you.

Lets call this the first step on the jurney of a 1,000 miles.


  1. Good stuff Fritz. I especially vibrated to the part about duality. I have often spoken of the duality of opportunity. Just as a particular force of opportunity has a great power for good, so too does it have the power POTENTIAL to be bad. I don't believe the ends on the force-potential spectrum of any particular instance of opportunity are equally opposite necessarily, but it is fascinating to observe the similar quantities measured in the positive and negative polarities by comparison. To me a great example of duality in opportunity, or 'force-potential' as I often refer to it, is mankind's harnessing of the electron. Just as this has brought us lights, heat, and enhanced communication such as the method of communication I'm using right now, so to has this opportunity provided for great negative potential and has been used as such for many years now. Take a look at the media monopolies we have now and the damage that causes for the human race, the instant delivery system of propaganda information, and I think it's entirely fair to say that the duality of opportunity found in our harnessing of the electron is one of the great crucibles of modern civilization. There are plenty of other examples, so this is an important area of intellectual study and exploration in my view. I like the stuff on your blog so far Fritz, keep it up!!


  2. hey fritz, just wanted to say hello and i'm enjoying your blog. i sometimes comment on fskrealityguide as eagledove9, and i saw you over there. he was always nagging you to get your own blog. :) i'm glad to read your thoughts and observations. take care.